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5 ways to improve your golf game at home

Published on 01 May 2020
You’re a fair way from the fairway, but that doesn’t mean your handicap should suffer.
5 ways to improve your golf game at home

Worried about an isolation-fuelled handicap hike? Look no further for five timely ways to improve your game from home…

Make time for yoga
It may sound like a stretch (in more ways than one) but working on your flexibility and breathing could make a lasting impact on your game in the long run. You’ll achieve a better range of motion and a more powerful swing with added control and precision, not to mention improved concentration. The healthy habit could even add years to your time on the course, as it improves older adults’ mobility and balance.

Study the greats
There may not be much live golf on our TVs, but there are plenty of opportunities to watch the greats at work and help refine your game. Whether you return to some of the greatest Masters tournaments or watch video tutorials from the pros, it’s a great investment in time and could make all the difference on the scorecard one day.

Improve Game
Perfect your putting
The putting green has to be the easiest part of the golf course to recreate at home. Roll-out mats go some of the way to replicating your favourite greens, and electronic trainers can automatically return your ball for repeated putting practice. You could even go one step further and create a hole of your own in the garden, best to check with the family first though.

Strengthen your core
A strengthened core will benefit your swing, as your improved posture and stability leads to more consistent drives and reduces your chances of injury. Your reinforced trunk will also help to strike the ball more powerfully and add yards to your tee-off. A number of YouTube tutorials are available with exercises specifically designed for golfers, and usually need little to no equipment.

Give minigames a go
Practice makes perfect but there’s nothing like the element of competition to add a little more fun to proceedings. Why not try the high jump? Simply take a wedge and add ever-growing obstacles to lob a ball over. Bull’s eye is another golf game you can play at home, you’ll need plastic cups, a club of your choice and some competitors for future bragging rights.