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Browse our videos which presents the revolutionary technology behind the MacWet Golf Glove including advertising campaigns and demonstrations.

The technology behind Aaron Rai's wins

Aaron Rai relies on the technology of the most advanced golf gloves – MacWet® - to help him perform at his best, winning the Scottish and Hong Kong Open. Explore our golf glove technology.

Why does Aaron Rai choose MacWet® Golf Gloves?

Scottish Open and Hong Kong Open Champion Aaron Rai chooses MacWet® golf gloves as they provide him with an unrivalled grip in the heat of competition, more so than any other golf glove brand. Discover why he chooses MacWet®.

Discover The Most Advanced Golf Rain Glove

MacWet’s Golf Glove is developed for wet conditions and has been specifically designed to aid circulation of airflow around the hand.

MacWet Golf Glove Technology Explained

Take a look at the technology behind the MacWet Golf Rain Glove.