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View our story through our films which include advertising campaigns, Ryder Cup footage and product demonstrations.

Exporting Glenmuir’s 125 Year Golfing Heritage

Glenmuir have been crafting the finest golf clothing since 1891 and our products can be found in the four corners of the world. We are proud to export our 125 years of golf clothing heritage.

High Quality Bespoke Embroidery

Glenmuir's in-house embroidery service based at our HQ in Lanark, Scotland is world-renowned. We truly are the trusted number one choice for club, corporate and event merchandise.

Product Quality Control at Glenmuir

Understand the passion, care and rigorous quality controls which go into each piece of Glenmuir golf clothing. This focus, energy and time creates supreme quality golf clothing fit for all generations at all levels of the game.

Pressing, Folding and Dispatch With Care

Watch the skill and care with goes into our hand finishing, pressing and dispatch to ensure each and every single garment that leaves our factory here in Lanark in pristine.

Delivering Outstanding Salesmanship

Listen to our UK Sales Director explain how Glenmuir delivery outstanding golf clothing throughout the UK with our 13 strong sales agents situated across the UK and Ireland.

Personal Customer Service at Glenmuir

Experience Glenmuir's outstanding customer service with a personal touch. No matter how small or large your golf clothing order, we are passionate about serving each and every customer.

Club, Corporate, Event Merchandise - No.1 Choice

Witness the unique qualities and high standards of our bespoke embroidery programme, all from our Lanark HQ, making us the trusted number one choice for club, corporate and event merchandise.