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Men's Golf Sweaters

Glenmuir has been dedicated to golf sweaters since 1891. Discover luxury men’s golf sweaters in premium cashmere and sophisticated merino wool. Jumpers in pure combed cotton and hand-knitted from British lambswool. Experience our quality, expertise and golfing heritage in every single piece.


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The natural benefits of golf sweaters

Warm, stylish, and providing indispensable layering for the golfer, the golf sweater needs to be comfortable round after round. A man’s golf jumper must not only look good but also make his day easier and more enjoyable. Men’s sweaters in natural fibres such as cotton, merino wool, lambswool and even luxury choices like cashmere help insulate, but also help manage the body’s own temperature and moisture levels, protect against the elements, including the sun’s rays, and keep those golf muscles warmed and ready to perform. The natural fibres of our golf sweaters are selected to be bio-degradable, reduce waste and enable sustainability.

Choose your sweater style

There is always a place for the classics when it comes to golf jumpers. A good crew neck jumper, a v neck sweater or sleeveless slipover is a timeless choice. Our men’s jumpers are knitted fully fashioned by expert craftspeople, and in a range of colours, both staple and seasonal shades, and patterns from contemporary designs to classics such as argyle. Zip neck golf sweaters are a popular and smart option, both in looks and function, bringing added versatility to your layering.

Cotton Golf Sweaters

For golf, a cotton sweater is a key layering choice. A cotton golf jumper – particularly when made from the finest quality 100% pure, natural combed cotton – is breathable, temperature regulating and moisture absorbing. Our men’s cotton sweaters are fine gauge, knitted by our expert craftspeople for excellent fit, fully fashioned for quality consistent with our reputation.

Merino Wool Golf Sweaters

Far finer and softer than lambswool, yet with outstanding durability, merino wool (from the Merino sheep) makes great men’s golf sweaters. Our extra fine merino sweaters are expertly hand-knitted using the finest Italian-spun merino wool. Each of our men’s merino jumpers is fully fashioned, knitted with sophisticated, timeless techniques including manually linked stitches. Made with merino, our men’s golf sweaters are highly breathable, actively antibacterial, odour-resisting and can both absorb and release moisture. This temperature regulating fibre can protect wearers against harmful UV radiation. All our merino golf sweaters have our signature anti-pill treatment and are shrink-resistant.

Lambswool Golf Sweaters

The fine fleece from the first shearing of a sheep is what gives our hand-knitted, fully fashioned men’s lambswool sweaters their softness. Because our 100% British lambswool is spun thicker than the merino we use, our medium gauge lambswool golf sweaters for men have added warmth, along with the wool’s natural breathability, moisture evaporation and thermoregulation capabilities. These men’s lambswool jumpers are hypoallergenic and can filter UV rays to protect your skin. Each lambswool golf sweater is machine washable with an anti-pill treatment to keep its looks.

Cashmere Golf Sweaters

Our most luxurious men’s golf jumpers bar none, our superb cashmere sweaters are incredibly light, soft and fine. We use only the finest grade A cashmere wool to create our cashmere knitwear – in fact it can take the entire year’s fibres from two cashmere goats to produce just one men’s sweater! The raw fibres are spun and dyed in the UK before our own skilful Scottish craftspeople knit the yarn into fully fashioned, elegant 100% cashmere golf jumpers with hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-odour abilities.

Touch of Cashmere Golf Sweaters

Luxuriously blended from top quality combed cotton and the finest cashmere, our Touch of Cashmere golf sweaters for men combine the natural characteristics of both fibres for a soft handle and attractive sheen to the knit surface with excellent breathability, warmth and enhanced colour retention. Each medium gauge men’s jumper is hand-knitted, with stitches linked manually for a superb fit and refined appearance. The best of both worlds for fine quality golfing sweaters.

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