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Golf Ball Alignment Marker
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Golf Ball Alignment Marker

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Train your eye and ensure that you’re lined up for your putt perfectly every time. The g.Alignment is a simple yet highly effective tool that lets you mark out your golf ball with a customised, easy-to-read line to keep your putter face square. This small stencil device fits comfortably in a golf bag or pocket, ready in an instant when you need it. With template cut outs to mark not only a straight swing path, this essential golf accessory also helps you find the line for hitting the perfect fade or draw.
  • Lightweight plastic material
  • Stencil to mark putting line
  • Stencil to mark straight, fade or draw swing path
  • Simple to use with any Sharpie permanent marker pen or equivalent
  • Contrast Glenmuir 1981 print on top
  • Size 5.5 x 4.3cm
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