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5 tips for playing golf in windy conditions

Master tough golf course winds with these top tips.

07 March 2019 1 minute read 5 tips for playing golf in windy conditions

It’s that time of the year again… but don’t let the March winds disrupt your game with these top tips for playing in blustery conditions…

Loosen up your swing
Think you can beat the wind by simply hitting the ball harder? Think again. Swinging harder will disrupt your finely-crafted game and could see your score suffer. A harder swing will also mean more backspin, leaving your shot more likely to be affected by the wind and end up landing short or in the rough. So, swing easy when it’s breezy and your handicap will thank you for it.

Hit under the wind
This might sound easier said than done, but with a simple adjustment to your ball position you might be able to actually hit under the worst of the wind out on the fairway. All you have to do is play the ball an inch or so further back in your stance than you’re used to. This will mean your ball flies lower than usual, giving it a better chance of not being affected by all that wind.

Adjust your shots
Sometimes you just have to accept there’s a crosswind out on the fairway and change your tee position and swing accordingly. For example, if there’s a right-to-left crosswind, place your tee to the right side of the tee box and hit into the wind accordingly. This will give you the best chance of effectively playing the wind and give your shot the space it needs to straighten itself out on the fairway.

Golf in Windy Conditions
Balance yourself
If you struggle with balance on a still day, be prepared for it to get a whole lot worse if it’s blustery out on the course, as the wind will magnify any problems you might have. To help keep both feet on the ground throughout your swing you should widen your stance a little. This will help lower your centre of gravity, improve your stability, and give you that all-important balance for your shots.

Choose the right club
If you’re swinging nice and loose because of the wind, you’ll also need to choose the right club for the conditions. A general rule of thumb is that for every 10mph of wind against you, you’ll need to hit one more club. That means a shot you’d usually make with a 7 iron might need a 6 iron if there’s a bit of wind in your face on the fairway.