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The complete waterproof jacket guide for golf

Everything you should know before your next rainwear purchase.

08 October 2020 2 minute read The complete waterproof jacket guide for golf

Treated materials, heat-sealed seams and everything in between…


What are waterproof ratings?
Waterproof ratings are probably the easiest way to judge the performance of a jacket at a glance. But beware, many brands use different testing standards. At Glenmuir and Sunderland of Scotland we always use and publish our ratings based on European ISO standards.

  • 1,500mm to 2,000mm jackets are suitable for everyday use where the wearer isn’t likely to get caught out in prolonged showers
  • 5,000mm to 10,000mm jackets may be worn in more extreme weather conditions and can be used when exposed to the elements for a number of hours, on the golf course for example

How are waterproof ratings calculated?
The Hydrostatic Head Test is used to determine how long a material can protect someone from rain. Fabric is pulled tightly under a one-inch diameter of water, imagine a test tube turned upside down, and then observed to see how many millimetres of water soaks through the fabric after 24 hours. For example a rating of 10,000mm would be able to protect you against having the pressure of 10 metres of water directly above you pushing down on to your waterproof jacket - far too much for a round of golf.

What waterproof rating are Glenmuir and Sunderland of Scotland golf jackets?
We want to guarantee that your golf jacket stays durably waterproof round after round. Therefore, all Glenmuir and Sunderland of Scotland jackets have a waterproof rating of at least 8,000mm, which is more than adequate for a four-hour round of golf in sustained rain. Jackets with ratings of 10,000mm are more suited to skiing in blizzards in the Alps.

What features can you find on a waterproof jacket?
Waterproof jackets will typically use…

Waterproof coatings
Most water-resistant materials will have been treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating. If you notice that water collects in beads on the surface of your jacket then it’s probably been treated by a DWR or similar product.

Waterproof Jacket
Taped seams
After a jacket or any other material is treated with a waterproof coating it’s important to ensure water doesn’t seep through stitching. Seams are sealed with heat to prevent leaks in the nooks and crannies of your waterproof items.

Breathable materials
Although breathable materials won’t repel water, the textiles are an incredibly important part of a waterproof jacket. Without them, clothing can become stuffy and uncomfortable, perhaps even sweaty, as if a jacket has leaked water. Far from ideal for 18 holes on the course.

How are breathability ratings calculated?
Sweat molecules are smaller than rain molecules, so our technical fabrics are designed to keep rain water out but allow moisture vapour to escape from the inside through the fabric. Breathability can be measured using a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate which measures the amount of water vapour that can pass through a square meter fabric over a 24 hour period.

How breathable are Glenmuir and Sunderland of Scotland jackets?
Our golf jackets are designed with a minimum breathability level of 5,000g/m2/24h which is more than adequate for walking and actively playing a round (or two!) of golf. Jackets with a higher breathability rating will simply cause your body temperature to drop too much making you cold out on the links.

Is there anything else to consider?
The perfect waterproof golf jacket will not only protect you from the elements but give you the freedom to putt and swing as you wish. You should consider flexibility of the design, practicality of pockets, how packable the jacket is and any layers you might wear underneath your new jacket.

Remember, women’s jackets will often be tailored for a closer fit around the waist while men’s options are usually wider across the shoulders and narrower at the hips.

Here at Glenmuir and Sunderland of Scotland, our jackets are designed for the golfer taking in to account all parameters.