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What Should I Wear to The Ryder Cup?

Are you attending the Ryder Cup this year? Discover our complete guide on what to wear, from tops and bottoms to footwear and accessories, with Glenmuir's official Ryder Cup collection.

24 August 2023 Words by Danielle 5 minute read What Should I Wear to The Ryder Cup?

Table of Contents

  1. Is There A Dress Code At The Ryder Cup?
  2. What Should Men Wear To The Ryder Cup?
  3. What Should Women Wear To The Ryder Cup?
  4. Other Essentials To Take To The Ryder Cup
  5. FAQs
  6. Final Thoughts

Are you planning on heading to Italy to watch the Ryder Cup? Then securing the perfect outfit for this golf tournament is essential. What you wear will determine your overall experience while watching your favourite team swing their way to victory.

Of course, you want to look polished and sleek. But you're also going to want to be comfortable and cool. Luckily, with this guide and Glenmuir's Ryder Cup collections, you can have both!

Is There A Dress Code At The Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup doesn't have any strict clothing rules, which means you can dress pretty relaxed. Some golf fans even show up to the event in outrageous costumes and clothing, sporting the colours of Team Europe or Team USA. Although you may see other golf enthusiasts wearing some 'interesting' attire, these over-the-top outfits are not for everyone.

Generally, spectators dress comfortably at the Ryder Cup, so you should fit right in if you're wearing a relatively casual outfit. Just be sure to check the weather forecast so that you can dress appropriately - you don't want to be caught in adverse weather while wearing the wrong clothes.

During the Ryder Cup, the players themselves look smart, yet casual. For example, the classic Ralph Lauren attire is common for Team USA and creates a sophisticated look. You can always use this as a starting block for your outfit. If you're unsure about what to wear or need inspiration, you can always take a look at Glemuir's Official Ryder Cup clothing.

What Should Men Wear To The Ryder Cup?

At Glemuir, we've got the perfect attire for men and women to wear to the Ryder Cup. Our Official Ryder Cup men's merchandise has been curated to suit the atmosphere of the Ryder Cup, but can also work for any type of golf tournament. So, you can be sure that you're going to be comfortable and fashionable when you're standing along the sidelines of the golf course.


The 2023 Ryder Cup is going to be held in Rome, so it's likely the weather will be warm. This means you're going to want to pick a short-sleeved golf shirt or polo to stay cool in the heat while still looking sharp.

If you want to add a touch of pizazz to your outfit, you can opt for a Ryder Cup golf shirt that shows your support. Whether you're supporting the European team or Team USA, you're guaranteed to look sleek in Glemuir's 2023 men's Ryder Cup merchandise.

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While the main focus of your Ryder Cup outfit is usually your golf shirt, you'll want to pair your top with a smart pair of golf trousers. Of course, like the rest of your attire, you'll want to pick something comfortable enough to walk around in for long periods. You can't go wrong with a smart pair of long trousers, which are sophisticated and comfortable.

Since the weather should be warm, you can also wear a pair of shorts. It's important to keep in mind, though, that your shorts should be a good length and shouldn't be too relaxed.


As part of the dress code rules for the 2023 Ryder Cup, shoes with metal spikes are prohibited. This is important to note since you won't even be able to watch the first tee if you're wearing inappropriate footwear.

While it may seem like the easiest choice to wear golf shoes to the tournament, chances are you won't be comfortable for very long as you're cheering Team Europe on. Instead, it's better to wear shoes that are comfortable enough to stand around in. A pair of trainers is a good choice - as long as they're smart enough to work with the rest of your outfit.


Since the Ryder Cup is taking place in Italy at the end of their summer season, you can expect hotter temperatures. But this doesn't mean that you're completely protected from wind and unexpected weather changes.

To ensure you're prepared for any situation, you may want to check out Glenmuir's Official Ryder Cup men's outerwear and waterproofs. This can help to keep you warm later on in the day when the weather gets slightly cooler.

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Shielding yourself from the sun can help you to stay comfortable while you're watching the Ryder Cup. So make sure to pack a good pair of sunglasses, a cap or visor to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, and perhaps even a long-sleeve undershirt. The undershirt will help to protect you from the sun's UV rays and can prevent sunburn.

What Should Women Wear To The Ryder Cup?

While women will also want to maintain the casual yet sophisticated look that most fans wear to the Ryder Cup, the foundational items of your outfit may be quite different from men. No matter what look you're going for, we'd recommend grabbing a few items from our Official Ryder Cup ladies' merchandise collection, which will help you stand out from the crowd.


A standard polo or short-sleeved golf shirt can also work as a base for women's outfits. At most tournaments that take place in the summer, you'll also probably see plenty of women wearing sleeveless collared shirts.

A sleeveless shirt is great for keeping cool and looking sleek. Luckily, you can shop our selection of women's Ryder Cup shirts. It includes plenty of options for you to choose from in multiple colourways like blue, white, purple, and more.

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Unlike men's limited choices for bottoms, women have more of a selection to choose from. Depending on what you prefer you can wear trousers, shorts or a skort. You can also choose one of our Ryder Cup golf dresses for an easy outfit that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the entire day.

If you opt for shorts, you'll want to adhere to the same rule of thumb as the gents. Athletic bottoms or relaxed shorts may not be the best choice for the Ryder Cup. Instead, you'll want to pick something more sophisticated like tailored shorts or pedal pushers.


Since you may be walking in long grass or on softer terrain, a pair of heeled shoes aren't the most practical choice. We'd recommend picking a comfortable pair of trainers or boat shoes for good protection against the grass and to avoid sore, painful feet at the end of the game.

While you can wear golf shoes during the tournament, they may not be the most comfortable shoes to wear on all three days of the Ryder Cup. But if you do want to show off your favourite pair of golf shoes, try to mix up your choice of footwear on the other days to keep your feet comfortable.


If the weather turns unexpectedly, your golf shirt may not be enough to shield you from the elements. Much like our suggestions for men, we'd recommend taking a lightweight and waterproof jacket with you while you're watching the golf game.

While you may not necessarily need to wear the jacket throughout the day, it's better to be safe than sorry. You can also find great sleeveless golf pullovers with our Official Ryder Cup ladies' outerwear and waterproofs if you want to shield yourself from the wind.


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When the sun is beating down on you, you're going to want to protect yourself from sunburn and shield your eyes from glaring light. For this reason, we'd suggest taking your favourite sun visor with you, as well as a long-sleeve undershirt for UV protection and a good pair of sunglasses.

Other Essentials To Take To The Ryder Cup

When you're going to the Ryder Cup, your outfit isn't the only thing you'll need to consider. Instead, you'll also want to take a few essentials with you to make your experience more pleasant. These essentials may include:

  • Sunscreen

  • A small folding chair

  • Binoculars for a better view

  • A small bag or backpack to carry your essentials

  • Snacks

  • Water


Are there any clothing restrictions at the Ryder Cup?

The only official restriction for the Ryder Cup is spiked shoes. Besides these, you're free to wear what you would like (and what makes you most comfortable) as a spectator. Just remember that a golf shirt or jacket with any offensive symbols or phrases is inappropriate, so it's best to stick to plain clothing.

Can I bring an umbrella to the Ryder Cup?

Yes, you can bring an umbrella to the Ryder Cup. Umbrellas can help to shield you from the sun or unexpected rain, but large golf umbrellas may obstruct the view of other spectators. If you're going to take an umbrella, make sure it's compact and won't impede anyone else's view.

Final Thoughts

With this simple guide, you won't have to wonder what to wear to the Ryder Cup anymore. While you don't have to show up in Ralph Lauren like some of the players, having a sophisticated outfit can still help you to stand out. And with Glenmuir's Ryder Cup collections, you're going to look cool, relaxed, and ultra-comfortable.