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What should I wear to The Open?

Discover the perfect attire for golf's next major, The Open Championship, and strike a stylish balance between comfort and fashion as a spectator. Our guide ensures you make a memorable statement while immersing yourself in this iconic tournament's thrilling action. Fashion meets fairways at the ultimate golfing experience.

28 June 2023 Words by Danielle 5 minute read What should I wear to The Open?

Table of Contents

  1. Is There A Dress Code At The Open?
  2. What Should Men Wear To The Open?
  3. What Should Women Wear To The Open?
  4. Other Essentials To Take To The Open
  5. FAQs
  6. Final Thoughts

If you are lucky enough to secure tickets to The Open, you will have the opportunity to see some of the world's top golfers in action.

Visitors will also witness the incredible scenery and hospitality for which the UK is known.

But knowing what to wear to an event like The Open can be challenging. You want to be comfortable and prepared for the weather but also want to fit in and look good.

Our guide to what to wear to this major golf tournament will help you adhere to tournament etiquette. You could say that this guide lets you know what is...par for the terms of golf fashion.

Is There A Dress Code At The Open?

There is no dress code at The Open. However, we would still advise people to dress appropriately. This does not mean that everyone must turn up in formal golf wear, but wearing clothing suitable for the course will improve your comfort.

There may be a dress code for hospitality or to access certain tents. It is well worth exploring in advance to know how your tickets and plans should affect your clothing.

What Should Men Wear To The Open?

Men's and women's options for what to wear at golf tournaments will invariably differ. Thankfully, Glenmuir has something for everyone.

The options below are perfect for any golf course. This men's golf attire will stand you in good stead for The Open golf tournament and any other golf tournaments you may want to visit.


Let's start at the top and work our way down. The best options for men to wear at the Open include a golf polo shirt or a button-down Oxford shirt.

What you wear will typically depend on the weather and the tickets you have to The Open. For example, if you have hospitality tickets or are seated in the main grandstand, you may want to go for something a bit smarter.

The Open is held during the summer in the UK. Anyone that lives here will know this is no guarantee for sun, but you should check what the weather is likely to be.

If it is warm, a golf shirt with moisture-wicking technology is advised.

If it is likely to be a bit cooler, a quarter zip or light Merino wool sweater will look the part.


g.THE OPEN LETHAM The Open Mens Striped Mercerised Luxury Golf Shirt g.THE OPEN WICK The Open Mens Zip Neck Lightweight Performance Golf Midlayer



The bottom half is typically straightforward for men visiting a golf tournament. A pair of golf pants or khakis will give you a smart, casual feel that is comfortable enough to walk around a golf course.

Golf shorts can also be worn if it is warm. You should try to stick to the general golf dress code where nothing is too short. Avoid generic sportswear or gym-style clothing when choosing your shorts for major golf tournaments.


Wearing a pair of comfortable and waterproof trainers is probably the best option for visiting The Open. This is because there is typically a lot of walking involved.

Even if you plan to watch from one spot all day, you will have to get to and from that spot.

You should choose presentable footwear that is suitable for the terrain and event. In some cases, golf shoes will work well.

However, any golf shoes worn at major golf tournaments must be spikeless or have soft spikes. This can be helpful if it has been raining and areas become slippy. 

A pair of cushioned golf socks will also help with comfort when it comes to being on your feet all day.


If you plan to visit any golf courses in the UK, having suitable outerwear available is recommended. Even in the middle of summer, it has been known to get cold and wet.

When you watch golf you may be standing in the same spot for a while. This means you aren't as likely to stay as warm as when you play golf.

Suitable waterproof clothing for the Open will stop you from getting soaked. This can include a light jacket or waterproof trousers in some cases.

A plastic poncho can be a great option for ever-changing British weather. This is a lightweight option that can be carried in a bag and won't be as big of a burden as an umbrella.


s.THE OPEN WHISPERDRY PRO-LITE The Open Mens Whisperdry Lightweight Waterproof Golf Jacket s.QUEBEC TRS Mens Lightweight Waterproof Golf Trousers



You should choose your accessories to complement your outfit. A good hat with a brim will help to protect your head from the sun and shade your eyes. A baseball cap or other wide-brimmed hat will be suitable as long as it doesn't have offensive or crass slogans.

Sunglasses are another great way to shield your eyes from glare. After all, you are going as a spectator so you'll want to see what is happening.

What Should Women Wear To The Open?

You might have noticed that women will have a few more clothing choices on golf courses. This remains the same for any major golf tournament.

At Glenmuir, our ladies' golf range is perfect for The Open. Take a look below for some of the best options for female golf spectators.


g.THE OPEN DEBORAH The Open Ladies Lurex Tipped Performance Pique Golf Shirt g.THE OPEN FRANKIE The Open Ladies Printed Panel Stand Up Collar Sleeveless Performance Golf Top



The dress code at most golf clubs for women is for tops without sleeves to have a collar and vice-versa. While there is no dress code at The Open, it can be a good idea to look at general dress codes as a guide to what others may wear.

A collared shirt is a great option that will typically tick the right boxes. Women can also wear plain tee shirts, blouses, or button-up shirts.

You will always want to look good at major, televised events. But you must also consider your comfort and whether the outfit you choose is weather appropriate.


Women have a choice of whether they want to wear pants, shorts, a dress or a skirt. Hybrid shorts/trousers like capri pants are also a great option.

With such a great choice, it is hard to go wrong here. Just avoid shorts or dresses that are too short and denim material and you are onto a winner.

It is also worth noting that white trousers look great in the summer, but you must remember that a golf course can be muddy and seating is often open to the elements. The last thing you want is for your outfit to be completely ruined by a couple of mucky marks!


g.PHOEBE Ladies Lightweight Stretch Performance Golf Pedal Pushers g.ALMA Ladies Lightweight Stretch Performance Golf Skort



Your footwear should be appropriate for the weather and course conditions. If you have lots of walking to do, shoes must be comfortable.

Trainers, golf shoes (spikeless), loafers, and boat shoes can all be great options. Comfortable socks are also a must when spending all day on your feet.

Don't wear heels to a golf tournament. They will sink into the soft earth and make it incredibly difficult for you to get about.


Planning rain gear for a golf tournament is essential. As the day arrives you will have a better idea of whether or not you will need it.

You can invest in high-quality waterproof clothing for the Open if you know the event is going to be wet. Alternatively, if there is just the slim possibility of showers, a plastic poncho will typically suffice.


When it comes to golf accessories, hats and sunglasses are typically the most popular. This is because they help to shade your eyes. Visors can also be a good option as they can be worn in a way that shouldn't affect your hair too badly.


Other Essentials To Take To The Open

That covers the basics of what you should wear to the Open. Some other essentials you should take with you include:

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Binoculars

  • Phone

  • Small portable folding chair

Depending on the course, you may be prohibited from taking certain items like large umbrellas or folding chairs. Always check the official website before you go to clear up what items are prohibited.

Always take some cash in case there are issues with card machines.

Always, and we mean always, ensure your phone is on silent. The last thing anyone wants is for the golfers to be disturbed by a loud ringtone at an inopportune time.


Can I wear anything I want to The Open?

You should avoid overly casual clothes or T-shirts with rude or controversial slogans. You should aim to dress in a comfortable and respectful way that is suitable for the weather. Rather skip the denim, too!

Can I wear flip-flops to a golf tournament?

Flip-flops are not the best footwear for walking around a golf course. You are better off with a pair of trainers that will be more comfortable for the day.

Do I have to stick to the golf dress code for The Open?

It is not essential that you stick to typical golf club dress codes. However, a suitable golf shirt or polo shirt will be ideal for the conditions.

Final Thoughts

There you have it - looking good at a golf tournament can be easy when you shop with Glenmuir.

While you won't have to rigidly stick to any dress codes, you will still want to fit in and be comfortable. Our extensive range of clothing for men and women is perfect for playing or watching golf.

Explore our collections today and we will see you on the course soon!