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What Should I Wear For A Golf Trip To Ireland?

Taking a golf holiday in Ireland? Here's your ultimate guide on what to wear to stay comfortable and stylish on the greens.

22 September 2023 Words by Mikhel 4 minute read What Should I Wear For A Golf Trip To Ireland?

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  1. What Clothing To Pack For A Golf Trip To Ireland
  2. FAQs
  3. Conclusion

Since most of Ireland's golf courses offer year-round golfing, there's no wonder that the country attracts so many golf enthusiasts. What's more is that Ireland has more than 400 golf courses, which makes it the perfect destination for a golfing trip.

With unpredictable weather that can range from wet and windy to sunny and mild, finding something to wear on the greens can be tough. Luckily, this helpful guide on what to wear for a golf trip to Ireland will walk you through what to pack so you're prepared for anything.

What Clothing To Pack For A Golf Trip To Ireland

When you're packing your golf travel bag, you'll want to pack as lightly as possible. You're already dealing with the weight of your golf clubs in your bag, so it seems unnecessary to bulk up your load with tons of other items!

Instead, you'll want to pick a few staple items and essentials to take with you. We'd recommend packing the following clothing items for your trip:


Starting at the top of your outfit, it's crucial to have both long and short-sleeved shirts for your Ireland trip. Although you can expect cold and wet weather, some days are warmer than others and you may find yourself feeling pretty stuffy after a few rounds on the course.

Be sure to pack some moisture-wicking long-sleeve golf shirts to use underneath your outfit, since you'll want to shield yourself from sun and wind when you're on the greens.

You'll also want some standard golf or polo shirts in your suitcase, like Glenmuir's Mens Irish Flag Performance Golf Polo Shirt. Not only is this stylish and comfortable, but the Irish tricolour striping is sure to make an impression.

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The next thing you'll want to pack is bottoms. Although you may be tempted to pack a pair two of shorts, the often-cold Irish weather may have you rethinking your outfit. While having a pair of shorts may come in handy on warmer days, it's more sensible to take some long, tailored trousers.

Long pants like khakis and golfing trousers are great options. Just be sure to keep in mind that some courses don't allow denim jeans to be worn on the course. You'll want to check the dress code before you go.


The ideal golf travel bag has a dedicated space for your shoes. Why? You can expect a lot of water and mud on your shoes after a long day on the course!

One of the best items of clothing you can invest in before your Ireland golf trip is a pair of waterproof golf shoes. These will keep your feet warm and dry in the wet weather and usually have better traction than other shoes to avoid slipping and sliding in muddy areas of the course.

If you can't get your hands on waterproof shoes, taking two pairs of shoes with you is wise. Trust us - you're going to want to give your shoes time to dry before you hit the greens again.


Taking waterproof gear along with you is a must when you're heading onto Irish greens. Ireland can be extremely cold, so you'll obviously want to protect yourself against the wind, rain, and chilly temperatures.

You can't go wrong with a good-quality waterproof jacket to guard against the wet weather, but rain jackets aren't always enough.

Layering a lightweight sweater underneath your jacket will keep you snug and comfortable all day long. Glenmuir's Mens Zip Neck Irish Italian Flag Stripe Cotton Golf Sweater is the perfect sweater for any Irish golf trip.


Besides the basics, you'll need to take along some accessories to complete your outfit. Not only will accessories bring the ensemble together, but they'll also help to shield you from the elements. Some accessories for your golf travel bag include:

  • Rain gloves: Waterproof golfing gloves are fantastic for helping you to keep a firm grip on your golf clubs - even in the rain.

  • A beanie or warm hat: While sun visors are great for protecting you from the sun, you may want to forego them in favour of a warmer hat.

  • Thick socks: Keeping your feet warm and dry is essential in the cold weather in Ireland. Be sure to pack a few pairs of thick, warm socks for your trip.

  • A scarf: A woolly scarf will protect your neck from the cold and stop the chilly wind from hitting your chest directly.

  • A belt: This will pull your look together and make you look smarter on the greens. It will also help to keep your trousers in place while you're navigating the course.



    What is the weather like in Ireland for a golf trip?

    Ireland's weather can be unpredictable, so it's best to be prepared for rapid weather changes on your trip - no matter when you're visiting. You can usually expect plenty of wind, rain, and some sunshine with cooler temperatures (even during summer). Be sure to take a rain jacket when you're playing golf in Ireland, as the rain can start at any time.

    What are some packing tips for a golf trip to Ireland?

    Before you start ticking off items on your packing list, make sure you know what you should be packing, and what you can realistically leave at home. Some of our top packing tips for a golf trip to Ireland include:

    • Always check the weather forecast for your trip, but be sure to pack rain gear or lighter clothes in case of unexpected weather changes.

    • Invest in high-quality waterproof attire to keep you dry and comfortable on the golf course.

    • Research the dress code for the course where you intend to play and make sure your clothes adhere to these guidelines.

    • Take a good number of golf balls with you, since they can be pretty pricey.

    What is the dress code like for Irish golf courses?

    Most courses in Ireland have a smart-casual dress code. This means that you'll want to pack tailored pants or shorts, collared shirts, and golf shoes with soft spikes. You should always check what the dress code is for the specific course or club you're visiting since not all courses have the same regulations.

    What is the best way to dress on an Ireland golf trip?

    Layer, layer, layer! Layering is extremely important for managing the weather in Ireland. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin; then use long-sleeved shirts and a sweaters for some added warmth. Finally, wind and waterproof jackets can help to protect you against the wind and the cold.


    Whether you're planning a golf weekend away or spending an entire week exploring Ireland's golf courses, knowing what to wear can make all the difference. It's important to remember that Ireland's weather is much cooler than that of its English neighbour, so you'll want to come prepared! You'll also want to pay close attention to the dress codes for the courses here so that you can stick to the rules.

    No matter the occasion, Glenmuir has the perfect clothing items for any kind of golf trip. If you want to be comfortable and stylish on the greens, be sure to check out our catalogue of men's and women's golf attire.