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5 pieces of golf equipment you didn't know you needed

Published on 21 September 2017
Golf is a game where talent and technique meet equipment. And while we’ve all got golf bags full of stuff, you might be missing these key pieces from your collection…
5 pieces of golf equipment you didn't know you needed

Golfing equipment comes in many forms – with the main two components being the clubs and balls. But there is an array of items you can buy which claim to improve your game. And while some are less effective than others, there are a handful of items that could work wonders on your game if you give them a chance. 

Here are our 5 pieces of golf equipment you didn't know you needed… 

1. Waterproof gloves
You might have a decent pair of gloves that you like to stick on when the weather turns. But if they’re not proper golfing gloves then you’re at risk of mishitting your shot.

This is because your grip is one of the most important parts of your game. Waterproof golf gloves like MacWet help to keep the palm of your grip dry so that the club won’t slip or simply rotate slightly in poor conditions.

They also allow you to keep the sensitivity in your fingers that woollen gloves don’t allow. This means you can feel your club’s position better.

2. Rangefinder
They may seem like a cheap gimmick – a toy for amateurs who are looking to show off, but even the most experienced golfers could benefit from a good rangefinder.

They provide a truly accurate measurement from your current position to the pin. This can make the difference between choosing the right club and making the green or picking the wrong one and either over or under hitting your shot. 
3. New grips
Your clubs go through a lot of work over the many shots, holes and rounds. And it’s the grip that takes most of the bashing. Yet many golfers will leave replacing them until they’re literally falling off the club.

But a club with a poor grip isn’t a secure one. This can lead to the club either slipping down or moving around in your palm leading to a less than perfect shot. Make sure to change the grip yearly and you’ll soon notice the difference. 
4. Old balls
There’s nothing quite like buying a new bag of balls and taking them to the course for the first time. But this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your old balls.

In fact, they’re a great piece of equipment to keep in your bag. Especially if you find yourself waiting behind slow players. Take them out and start practicing your swing – it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the balls back, just try a few warm up shots off the course. 

5. Good towel
Again, this comes back to having a good grip. All good golfers – especially those playing in varying weather conditions – need to have a towel to dry their hands on.

And it’s not just the hands that need to be kept free of moisture; the towel can be used to dry your whole club, preventing it from slipping off the ball.