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Can GPS improve your golf game?

Published on 07 July 2017
Technology is becoming part and parcel of the modern game – but can GPS actually help make you a better golfer?
Can GPS improve your golf game?
GPS technology has been part of the golfing game for a few years now. And as the technology has been fine-tuned and golfers have learned how to incorporate it into their game, its effects are starting to be felt. But has it proven itself as an effective way to improve your game or is it just a gimmick? We think that, used the right way, GPS can help you to improve your overall game. 

Helps with club selection
Many amateurs struggle choosing the right club, opting for a driver off the tee and looking for distance. But not all holes need you to play with a driver right away. Using a driver on shorter holes, means you could be faced with a difficult chip approach instead of an easier iron.

Using GPS trackers gives you an overview of the hole allowing you to better map your play. It might mean playing two irons instead of a driver and a wedge. 

More accurate distances
Part of choosing the right club is knowing not only how far you need to play but also how far you can play with each club.

Often, if you’ve hit a nice long drive, you’ll judge the distance by the distance markers on the course. And then move on. But when you come to the next hole, you might notice that a similar drive produces a shot that’s actually 20 or 30 yards shorter. Why is this?

In truth, many distance markers aren’t accurate and only measure a single distance – from the tee to the centre of the fairway. When in fact, your shot might be off to the edge or even in the rough. Using a GPS tracker provides a much more accurate measure of how far you can get with each club – and you can average these out over time.

This gives you a good idea of which club to use when. And it also means that you can better judge how far you’ve actually travelled and, more importantly, how far you’ve got to go. Being out in your distances by 20 to 30 yards can be the difference between landing on the green or sailing into a bunker – simply because your initial measurements weren’t accurate.
GPS tracking in golf

Better tactics
Club choice and distance measurement are only two parts of golfing tactics – there are plenty of other uses for GPS trackers.

For example, they can give you an overview of the whole hole, pointing out water hazards, bunkers, narrow fairways, and blind corners. These can also help you approach your shots more tactically, instead of just driving as far towards the tee as possible.

Faster play
Finally, while it might not improve your game it will improve the game for everyone, GPS can help you play a faster game.

Taking all of the above into account – club choice, tactics, distant measurement – and you should be able to move around a hole quicker. You’ll no longer spend time wondering which club to use, trying to work out the distances, or digging your way out of hidden hazards. The GPS will provide you with these answers and allow you to get on with the business of perfecting your swing.