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Cool-down techniques after golf

Published on 15 November 2018
Treat your body right by carrying out some of these cool-down techniques when you step off the 18th...
Cool-down techniques after golf

After a round of golf you might be tempted to simply head home and carry on with your day. But just like after any exercise, a post-round warm down is great for your body and soul.

Here are some ideas for the next time you step off the green…

Get a massage
A post-sport massage can be a great way to help your body recover after exercise, and golf is no exception. A deep tissue massage after a round will help eek out any tension and can focus in on some of the more problematic areas that most golfers suffer with — think lower back and golfing elbow. So book yourself in for a massage after your next game, and you can even have time to reflect on your game.

Go for a jog
It might not sound like something you’d want to do after a four-hour round of golf, but a short jog after you’ve finished can really help warm down your muscles. We don’t recommend running in your best golfing attire, and you definitely shouldn’t be running the whole course (unless, of course, the mood takes you), but a quick jog can do your body the world of good.

Cool Down
Do some yoga
One of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions might not sound like something you’d do after a game of golf, but yoga is one of the best exercises you can do to stay flexible and maintain your core strength. Holding a Downward Dog or even a simple Child’s Pose after your game will make sure your body is stretched out properly.

Stretch it out
Even if you don’t fancy doing any Downward Dogs you should still stretch your body out after a round. Aim to do 5 minutes of easy stretching for all of your major muscle groups, and make sure you do these somewhere warm — so not the 18th hole in the middle of a British winter — to help keep your body primed throughout.

Hit the 19th hole
OK, so this might not be a cool-down technique per se, but you can always fit in a trip to the clubhouse after your stretches and massage. If you’ve been out on a particularly chilly course, treat yourself to something warming and don’t forgot to re-energise yourself with a meal or light snack to keep yourself going.