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Top 8 must-have golf gadgets

Published on 05 September 2019
Take your game to the next level with this fairway tech.
Top 8 Must Have Golf Gadgets
Improve your handicap with a little bit of help from technology by investing in one of these must-have golfing gadgets…

1. Ballfinder Scout
Tired of traipsing through the rough to find a miscued shot? Then you might like the Ballfinder Scout, which can scan even the fiercest rough in seconds and locate your ball even if just 1% of it is visible! Be warned though, it won’t work in the drink! 

2. Stewart Golf X9 Follow
Don’t fancy lugging your clubs around 18 holes but can’t afford a caddie of your own? Well, then the Steward Golf X9 might be just for you… The X9 will automatically follow you round the course, operated by remote control to keep you company.

3. Zepp Golf 2.0
Sticking something on your club can be off-putting, but with the Zepp Golf 2.0 you simply hook it onto the back of your glove, pair it with a smartphone or tablet, and it’ll track everything you need to know about your swing.

4. Garmin Approach G10
Garmin’s one of the biggest names in the golf gadget market, and the Approach G10 is just one of a whole host of options. The G10 gives you all the stats you need for any shot on any course using high-sensitivity GPS receivers.

Crowdfunded into existence by tech experts, SQRDUP is a great tool for beginners looking to improve the basics. By firing beams of bright light across the green, the SQRDUP device helps you align correctly to make sinking that ball even easier.

6. Taylormade Spider Interactive
Want to take your putter to the next level? Then why not invest in a Taylormade Spider Interactive? The fancy putter logs your putting metrics, sending all the important data back to your phone or tablet so you can analyse it at length when your get back to the clubhouse.

7. Golf apps
If all these gadgets seem like too much to spend on new tech, why not opt for a good old-fashioned app instead? Whether you want information on courses in New Zealand or how to get out of a bunker – there are apps for everything…