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7 annoying things golfers do on the course

Discover the things that really get on other players’ nerves. And make a pledge to never become ‘that person’ yourself.

14 May 2021 Words by Matthew 1 minute read 7 annoying things golfers do on the course

Golf’s well known for its written rules, but there are unwritten ones every player should know about too.

From being late for tee times, to talking too much, we look at seven annoying things that can irritate your playing partners.

You’ll need to keep a beady eye on those who seem to have a habit of nudging their ball an inch or two from its original spot. Playing it from where it comes to rest is a well-known golf rule and should be respected. Who wants to play with a cheat anyway?

2. Coaching
They’ve watched far too many YouTube videos and read all the books on improving technique. Now they think they’re an expert. With the best  intentions, they’ll give you advice on how to approach your shots as well as offer their critique – mostly when it hasn’t been asked for.

3. Talking too much 
You’re about to hit the ball, but these players just won’t keep quiet. You can hear them chattering away about what they got up to last night or boasting about the clubs they’ve played at. They’re completely oblivious to your disapproving stare of course. Feel free to remind them it’s poor etiquette.

7 annoying things golfers do on the course
4. Getting angry
Golf has its highs and lows but it’s no fun playing with someone who throws a temper tantrum after a poor shot. Not only will their bad mood affect your game, but you may find yourself having to dodge a flying club. It’s only a game, so have fun!

5. Being late
It’s important to be punctual for your tee time. Keeping your playing partners waiting is considered bad manners and certainly won’t make you popular. You may even find yourself being uninvited next time around.

6. Taking too many practice swings
Some would say practice swings are for the driving range, practice green and lessons only, but we’ve all probably watched a player undergo a lengthy pre-shot routine before finally striking their ball. It slows down the game and can be really frustrating for other players.

7. Knowing all the rules
We know you love the sport, but referencing every single golf rule and interrupting play to announce a player has broken one will spoil the flow of the game. You’ll make others feel on edge every time they’re near the ball. After all, you’re not competing in the PGA Tour – so put the rule book away and enjoy yourself!