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16 February 2024 Can You Play Golf in the Rain?

Playing golf in the rain doesn’t have to be a washout. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and waterproof gear to tackle the challenges of a rainy day out on the course. Keep your scores low and your spirits high.

07 February 2024 Confederation of Professional Golf and Glenmuir Reignite Partnership

Esteemed Scottish golf clothing manufacturer, Glenmuir, and the CPG have rekindled their relationship to build upon its previous successes, setting the stage for enhancing value and business opportunities for Member Country PGAs of the CPG and their Member Professionals.

16 October 2023 What is greensomes in golf?

Get all of the info that you need about what greensomes is in golf and how you can prepare yourself next time you are on the green.

11 September 2023 How Much Time Can You Take to Identify a Golf Ball?

Navigating the 2023 Rules of Golf? Here's everything you need to know about the reduced search time and the procedures for identifying your golf ball, ensuring you stay on par both on and off the course.

16 March 2023 Top 3 ways of saving money on your golf membership

This article is here to help you make some savings and get the most out of your golf membership. By following the tips provided, you can feel empowered and in control of your finances knowing that you've taken the necessary steps to save money and be a savvy golfer.

03 February 2023 How golf scoring works

Discover how to improve your golf score and take your game to the next level with Glenmuir's expert tips and advice on mastering the art of golf scoring.

25 January 2023 How does a golf handicap work?

Learn how to master the golf handicap system at Glenmuir with our expert guide. Improve your game and compete on a fair playing field with this easy-to-use system.

23 December 2022 What is a Texas Scramble in golf?

Learn all there is to know about Texas Scramble so that you can use it next when you are on the course.

09 December 2022 What is a four-ball in Ryder Cup?

Familiarise yourself with the Four-ball that you can find in the Ryder Cup here.

02 December 2022 How far do you walk on the golf course?

Find out how far you can expect to walk on a golf course with this in-depth article.

14 November 2022 How to warm up when playing golf in winter

Keep warm this winter with our how-to guide on staying warm on the course.

04 November 2022 How to get backspin on a golf ball - a complete guide

Level-up your game with this guide on how to put a backspin on your golf ball.

13 October 2022 How to play golf in windy conditions

Prepare yourself for all types of weather with this handy piece on how to play golf in windy conditions.

05 October 2022 How to hit out of fairway bunkers

Get yourself out of sandy situations with this guide on how to hit out of fairway bunkers. Making light of any bunker you find yourself in.

14 September 2022 What golf ball should I use?

Find the right golf ball for you with our guide to which golf ball you should be using.

31 August 2022 How many dimples does a golf ball have?

Ever wondered, while on the green, how many dimples a golf ball has? Find your answer here and what they are actually used for.

10 August 2022 How to align yourself in golf for better shots

Learn how to improve your golf swing with a helpful golf alignment guide.

20 July 2022 How long to play 9 holes of golf

Find out how long it will take you to play 9 holes of golf and all that you should know about it.

12 July 2022 How many clubs can you have in your golf bag?

Find the answer to how many golf clubs you should have in your bag here.

28 June 2022 What is a golf handicap?

Learn more about the golf handicap, what it is and how and when it applies to your game of golf.