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Golf Clothing Fit For Royalty: Inside The Royal Household Golf

Tucked away within the historic grounds of Windsor Castle, The Royal Household Golf Club remains one of the most exclusive and lesser-known golfing treasures. Join us as we embark on a journey through this regal golfing realm.

21 December 2023 Words by Mikhel 2 minute read Golf Clothing Fit For Royalty: Inside The Royal Household Golf

Table of Contents

  1. The Storied Past of The Royal Household Golf Club
  2. The Journey Through The Windsor Castle
  3. Arriving to The Royal Household Golf Club: A Warm Welcome
  4. The Royal Household Golf Course
  5. The Royal Household's Dedication to the Environment
  6. A Spot of Lunch
  7. FAQs

The Storied Past of The Royal Household Golf Club

Established in the early 20th century, The Royal Household Golf Club was the vision of King George V. Nestled within the private grounds of Windsor Castle, this 9-hole course was designed to offer the royal family and their esteemed guests a private golfing sanctuary. Over the decades, the club has witnessed numerous royal rounds, each adding to its rich tapestry of history. Today the club continues to uphold its legacy of exclusivity and elegance.

The Journey Through The Windsor Castle

The journey to The Royal Household Golf Club is nothing short of enchanting. Driving through the pretty town of Windsor you are transported, quite literally, through a quintessentially British town with plenty of bunting on show.

On arriving at the vast and beautiful Windsor Castle grounds, we had hoped to get a glimpse of the newly appointed King however as the Union Jack was flying at Windsor, not the Royal Standard, we gathered His Majesty was not in residence. 

Mature Lined Tree Paths - The Royal Household Golf Pavilion brickwork - The Royal Household Golf


Arriving to The Royal Household Golf Club: A Warm Welcome

Upon entering, one is transported to an old world reminiscent of a Public School pavilion and sports ground, nothing extravagant but perfectly comfortable, with the wood panelled walls adorned with historic memorabilia. We couldn’t help but notice some of the names featured on the clubhouse boards and a particularly memorable “Sauras Trophy” match between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, with the trophy coming in the form of a toilet seat, which was hung up in all its glory. I hasten to add it was polished and wooden and most probably British made!

With the honesty bar, Royal Household branded ball markers and, of course Glenmuir golf clothing, fuelled by a cup of tea in a nice colourful mug we headed out on course.

The Pavilion - The Royal Household Golf

The Honesty Bar - The Royal Household Golf Sauras Trophy Toilet Seat - The Royal Household Golf


The Royal Household Golf Course

The 9-hole parkland course created by Samuel Mure Fergusson in 1901, though seemingly modest and compact, offers a challenging and diverse golfing experience, with small greens, tight fairways, strategic bunkers and a diverse landscape of mature trees.

The club’s pristine fairways and greens emerge, maintained by the Windsor Castle gardeners, set against the backdrop of the historic castle walls, and the “backdoor” view of the castle on the 4th tee was spectacular.

The par-3 6th was a tricky hole, with a severe mound to the right of the green which blooms beautiful red poppies, while the long par-4 stroke 1 18th, with its green sitting in a dell, is a real test, especially if it is the first time you are playing the course.

What really stood out for us was how private the course was (we saw no other golfers all day), how welcoming and friendly the groundskeeping team were, and finally how tranquil the experience was, punctuated only by the distant chimes of the castle’s bells.

The Royal Household's Dedication to the Environment

The club’s emblem, the iconic Windsor Castle silhouette, symbolises its commitment to preserving the historic and natural beauty of its surroundings. Conservation efforts, in collaboration with local environmental agencies, ensure that the region’s biodiversity thrives.

The harmonious coexistence of the golf course with its environment is a testament to The Royal Household’s dedication to sustainability. We also saw some Red Kites hunting; a special experience to see such beautiful birds so close up.

Glenmuir Royal Household Golf Polo Shirt Cottage and the 9th Tee Stroke - The Royal Household Golf


A Spot of Lunch

We didn’t have enough time to play 18, making it a 4925 yard par 66, but had we done so, the back nine are played off vastly different tees, providing a nice change and challenge to the point you feel as if you are playing a different course. 

On completing our nine, we sat outside on the benches by the cricket pitch and polished off a few posh sandwiches and crisps with our wonderful host. One point to note if you do play at The Royal Household Golf Club is to visit the lavatory in the pavilion, and don’t forget to ask for the key. Although fully functional and clean, you do go back in time there, but the golf sketches and newspaper cuttings are a nice distraction. Business done, and we were on our way, escorted back through the estate and we were back to reality and ordinary civilians once again.

We won’t forget our game and journey through Britain’s royal heritage, offering a golfing experience that is truly one of a kind.

Clubhouse Board - The Royal Household Golf

A spot of lunch - The Royal Household Golf Colourful cups of tea - The Royal Household Golf



What is the dress code at The Royal Household Golf Club?

The dress code was just like any other golf course, so the usual collared golf shirt. Our host wore golf shorts (we were too scared to), albeit we did not see another golfer throughout our time there.

Can you play The Royal Household Golf Club?

Unfortunately, the club is reserved for members of the Royal Family and the 200 odd members of the Royal Household Golf Club. Visitors are only permitted to play with a member.