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What should I wear for a golf trip to Dubai?

Hit the fairways in style and remain cool on your Dubai golf trip with Glenmuir’s expert guide. Learn how to choose golf clothing that not only respects local customs but also protects your skin in Dubai's sun-drenched landscape.

14 November 2023 Words by Mikhel 5 minute read What should I wear for a golf trip to Dubai?

Table of Contents

  1. What To Know Before You Pack
  2. What Golf Clothing To Pack For A Golf Trip To Dubai
  3. FAQs
  4. Final Thoughts

Teeing off with Dubai's iconic skyscrapers peeking out in the distance and the sun shining on beautifully manicured courses is a dream set-up for any golfer.

Speaking of the sun, it's pretty much always shining here, which is fantastic when it comes to golf. But it does mean you need to dress smart to stay cool.

In this quick guide, we’ll chat about the best gear to keep you cool, ventilated, and protected from the desert sun. We'll discuss the top Glenmuir gear picks to keep you cool, plus tips on how to keep your style on par with the local customs.

What To Know Before You Pack


Dubai is known for its desert climate, so expect hot temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

November to March are cooler months, offering mild and pleasant weather perfect for a round of golf. January and March typically bring the coolest days, but even then, 'cool' is a relative term in this sun-drenched region.

So, when you visit Dubai for a golf trip, you'll need to pack attire that's breathable, moisture-wicking, and UV-protective.

Cultural Sensitivity

When it comes to the golf dress code, you'll find the UAE pretty similar to the UK, but you should still maintain a healthy respect for local customs. Your golfing attire doesn't need to cover your arms or legs but should be modest enough that is considerate of the local culture.

Dubai Dress Code

On the course, it's crucial to follow the dress codes set by Dubai's top-notch golf clubs. For men, you can generally wear shorts or tailored trousers with a collared golf shirt tucked in neatly. For women, you can wear leggings, trousers, shorts, skirts and golf-appropriate shirts. This may differ between clubs, so check the dress code on the website of the club that you'll be visiting.

What Golf Clothing To Pack For A Golf Trip To Dubai


On the lush greens of Dubai's golf courses, staying cool and protected under the sun is a top priority.

For ladies' UV golf shirts, the breathable Paloma Pique Golf Polo is not just a comfy top that comes in every colour you could wish for, but it's also incredibly breathable thanks to its active fibre fabric. It keeps you dry and cool while offering +40 UV protection.

The Misha Long Sleeve Polo offers the same great features with additional sleeve coverage for extra sun protection. And for those particularly hot days, the Jenna Sleeveless Golf Polo is great - just double-check that your chosen golf club allows sleeveless shirts.

For the men, the Deacon Pique Golf Polo is a reliable and stylish choice. It's available in a wide range of colours and is made with a breathable pique fabric that expertly manages heat and perspiration to keep you comfortable throughout your game.

And for a shirt that matches form with function, the Silloth Tailored Golf Shirt is great. It’s smooth, it stretches as you swing, and it offers +40 UV protection. Of course, you also have the option to wear shirts with long sleeves for extra UV protection, like the Max Golf Polo Shirt.

g.JENNA Ladies Sleeveless Performance Pique Golf Polo Shirt g.SILLOTH Mens Tailored Collar Performance Golf Shirt



Given Dubai's consistently warm climate, shorts and skirts will be your go-to choice. You could wear jeans or a set of golf trousers for the occasional cool evening, but shorts are the sensible pick for daytime play.

For the ladies, the Alma Golf Skort is a breezy, easy choice that looks smart like a skirt but has the practical perks of shorts underneath. Plus, its stretchy material means your swing’s got nothing holding it back.

For those days when you want extra coverage without overheating, the Phoebe Golf Pedal Pushers are perfect. They sit comfortably under the knee, giving you the freedom to move and a nifty pocket for your tees.

Gents, you won't have to sweat it, especially in the Keble Golf Shorts. Tailor-made for the heat, they mix stretch with style - meaning your look stays neat and your drives stay unrestricted. And with moisture-wicking fabric, you'll stay dry as the competition heats up.

g.ALMA Ladies Lightweight Stretch Performance Golf Skort g.KEBLE Mens Lightweight Performance Golf Shorts



Stepping onto Dubai's greens means stepping up your shoe game. Let's face it, you can't wear flip-flops or dress shoes on the golf course! You'll need a quality pair of soft spike golf shoes.

Shoes with a lightweight upper can be a real game-changer for keeping your feet cool and dry. The sole should also be considered. It's not just there to tread the fairways; it needs to offer solid grip and traction for all that pivoting and power-driving you'll be doing.


When the heat and sun are almost always expected in Dubai, you might not think about needing an extra layer. But it's always smart to toss in some outerwear.

For the ladies, you'll love the Carina Midlayer for that post-round lunch. It's sleek with a bit of shine and it won't stick or cling to you, even if you've worked up a sweat. Plus, its nifty tricot backing means your swing looks as smooth as your style.

For the men, you can't go wrong with the Wick Midlayer. It's the kind of mid-layer that feels just right when the temperature dips or when you're cooling off after a hot round. And with a 4-way stretch, it moves with you, never against you.


Most major airlines will allow you to check in your golf clubs as long as your bag weighs less than 20kg. We recommend using iron covers, un-screwing your driver head and padding out your golf clubs with you golf shoes and your golf shirts which can all be packed in our Voyager Golf Bag Travel Cover. You can even personalise it so you can easily spot your bag on the luggage carousel. Just remember to take your driver screwdriver to put your driver bag together in time for your first tee shot.


Accessories aren't just for looking the part on the course - they're also about enhancing your game!

1. Gloves

Your grip on the club is everything, and the Jude Golf Glove is like a second skin. Made from premium Cabretta leather, they're top-notch for a solid hold.

In hot weather, glove sweat and suntan lotion can quickly deteriorate gloves. To avoid this, alternate between two pairs during play to let them dry. Also, hang your glove with the fingers open, and remove it between shots to prevent sweating.

2. Hat

Caps and visors are your best friends under the Dubai sun. The Cowan Cap for men and the Lexi Visor for ladies are essential for shielding your eyes and keeping your head cool and dry with their moisture-wicking headbands.

The Cowan Cap also has that extra stretch for comfort, while the Lexi Visor keeps your hairstyle intact.

3. Sunglasses

Given Dubai's glaring sun, don't forget to pair your cap or visor with a good pair of sunglasses. Pack a pair that has UV protection and won't slip down your nose when you're lining up for that perfect shot or taking a swing.

4. Socks

No one likes hot, sweaty feet while out on the green. The Dryburgh No Show Golf Socks are a great pick for men. They're made from a cotton-rich blend with moisture-wicking mesh panels. And the cushioned soles are great at preventing fatigue after a long day's play.

For the ladies, the Eugenie Patterned Secret Socks or Pompom Secret Socks bring both personality and practicality to the course. Both options provide a discreet style with a soft stretchy cotton blend for breathability and comfort. Plus, they add a dash of fun with their fluffy heel tab pompoms.

5. Towel

While many of the courses provide towels, it's always great having your own. Our Saltire Towel and Camo Towel provide comfort and keep you in the zone - perfect for wiping off the sweat or cleaning your gear between shots.

These towels not only dry quickly but also effortlessly flick away dirt or moisture. There's nothing worse than sweaty hands or dirty gear getting in the way of your putt.


What are the best golf clubs to play at in Dubai?

Home to an array of world-class clubs and courses, golfers are spoilt for choice in Dubai. If you're looking to tee off in some of the best spots, consider heading to these golf clubs:

  1. Emirates Golf Club

  2. Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

  3. The Montgomerie Golf Club

  4. Dubai Hills Golf Club

  5. Jumeirah Golf Estates

  6. The Els Club

Can women wear shorts on the golf course in Dubai?

Absolutely. However, the shorts should be a modest length - not too short. Knee-length shorts or styles that are just above the knee, such as the Phoebe Golf Pedal Pushers, are acceptable and stylish options that conform with the dress code typically found at golf estates and clubs.

Is it worth taking a change of clothes for after the round?

Whilst buggies are encouraged on most courses in Dubai, due to the climate it really is hard not to sweat. Most golf courses will have shower facilities for members and guests to use as well as offering towels and basic amenities such as hair gel, razors and deodorant.  Take a change of clothes, some new socks and some comfortable shoes so you can feel refreshed after your round whilst sitting for a post-round bite or heading off to work.

What can I wear off the golf course in Dubai?

It's important to also think about Dubai's dress code away from the greens and the clubs. While Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, it's important to respect the local customs and dress appropriately.

Men are welcome to wear swimsuits and women can wear bikinis while at the beach, but it's common courtesy to cover up when you're off the beach. For example, women can wear dresses over their swimsuits when leaving the beach.

Final Thoughts

Playing golf in Dubai is a truly remarkable experience, thanks to its stunning landscapes, top-tier course designs, and the ability to tee off just about any time of year.

When packing for your trip, selecting the right attire is key for your comfort. The ideal golf wardrobe will blend functionality with the local dress code and hot climate. And thankfully, you can count on Glenmuir to have your back with gear for when you hit the greens in Dubai!