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21 May 2024 Where Does Wool Come From?

Dive into the world of wool, learn about its origins, production and the various types from Merino to what actually is lambswool. From shearing to showroom, uncover the journey of wool in the world of golf fashion.

15 May 2024 What is the History of the Houndstooth Pattern?

Trace the journey of the iconic Houndstooth pattern from ancient textiles to contemporary fashion. This guide explores its Scottish roots, evolution in high fashion and enduring presence on the golf course. Learn why this pattern is more than just a style choice, it’s a historic emblem.

18 April 2024 What is Black Watch Tartan?

Scottish tartan is a staple in traditional dress, but it has also found its way onto the streets and - more importantly - onto the golf course. Although tartan patterns are generally popular, there's one particular type that stands out among the rest: Black Watch tartan.

04 April 2024 What to Wear to The Masters?

Attending The Masters golf tournament is a dream come true for many golf enthusiasts, but figuring out what to wear can be a bit daunting. From the dress code to the weather, there are several factors to consider when choosing your outfit for the big event. In this article, we'll provide you with tips and suggestions on what to wear to The Masters, so you can enjoy the tournament in style and comfort.

08 March 2024 Why a Zip-Neck Sweater Should Be in Your Golf and General Wardrobe

Worn by golf legends as well as fashion enthusiasts, the zip neck sweater is just as practical on the fairway as it is as daily wear. Discover how to integrate this classic item into your wardrobe with styling tips and more from the Glenmuir team.

05 March 2024 Mulberry meets performance: Sunderland of Scotland unveils new AW24 Collection

Building upon their commitment to #NEVERWEATHERBEATEN performance, the AW24 collection introduces a bold new colour palette, led by the rich and sophisticated Mulberry.

28 February 2024 What is the Prince of Wales Check?

More than just a pattern, the Prince of Wales Check is a part of fashion history. From its origins in the Scottish Highlands to becoming a staple part of modern fashion this versatile pattern has stood the test of time, so whether you're dressing for the golf course, the office, or a casual day out, the Prince of Wales check promises to keep you in style.

09 February 2024 Best Fabric for Golf Waterproofs

Whether facing a light downpour or a sideways shower, the fabric of your waterproofs is crucial to keeping you dry. Take a look at our guide on the best materials for staying dry when playing golf without affecting your swing.

24 January 2024 Glenmuir launch tradition with innovation for AW24

This 2024 Autumn Winter collection continues Glenmuir’s legacy of crafting premium golf attire, combining traditional Scottish design with modern functionality.

24 November 2023 Best Clothing For Golf In Windy Weather

Brave enough to tee up during some windy weather? Glenmuir has a comprehensive guide to the best golf clothing, designed specifically to combat the wind and keep you warm on the fairway. From long sleeve shirts to windproof jackets, we cover all of the key pieces that keep the chill at bay.

25 October 2023 What to wear for winter golf

Prepare yourself for this winter on the golf course with this guide on what to wear for winter golf.

20 October 2023 What is fully fashioned knitwear?

Design and form your next fully fashioned knitwear outfit with this guide from Glenmuir.

15 September 2023 How to Stay Dry While Playing Golf in the Rain

Don't let rainwater muddy your game! From high-quality rain gear to course etiquette, this guide covers everything you need to keep your spirits high and your clothes dry.

04 September 2023 Are Lambswool Sweaters Good to Wear for Golf?

Renowned for its unmatched comfort and elegance, lambswool has emerged as a staple in golfing fashion. Discover how our curated collection of lambswool golf attire not only elevates your style but also enhances your game.

03 August 2023 Sunderland of Scotland inspired by the elements with Aqua and Mint for new SS24 Collection

Discover the new Spring Summer 2024, has taken inspiration from the elements that can be found in Scotland’s own native environment.

27 July 2023 Is Merino Wool Good To Wear For Golf?

Choosing the right material for your golf clothing can significantly impact your comfort and performance on the course. Merino wool, known for its softness, warmth, and breathability, is a popular choice among golfers. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and drawbacks of Merino wool in golf attire, helping you make an informed decision for your golfing wardrobe.

19 July 2023 What Is The Best Fabric For Golf?

Selecting the right fabric for your golf clothing can significantly enhance your comfort and performance on the course. This guide explores the top fabrics used in golf attire, including cotton, lambswool, Merino wool, cashmere, and performance fabric. Understand their unique properties and how they can impact your game, helping you make the best choice for your golfing needs.

23 June 2023 Glenmuir put sustainability at the heart of their SS24 Collection

Glenmuir strengthen their environmental initiative with more sustainable attributes throughout the Spring Summer 2024 Collection, which also includes new colour stories from Aqua and Apricot to Hot Pink.

20 June 2023 What are the best golf shirts for sweaty golfers?

Stay dry and comfortable on the golf course with our top recommendations for the best golf shirts designed specifically for sweaty golfers. Discover innovative materials, advanced moisture-wicking technology, and stylish designs that will keep you cool and confident during your game. Say goodbye to sticky discomfort and hello to a refreshing golfing experience. Elevate your performance and stay on top of your game with these game-changing golf shirt options.

19 June 2023 Best clothing for golf in sunny weather

Beat the heat and tee off in style and comfort. Our in depth guide delves into dress code. fit, style and material to ensure that you stay cool on the green.