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Volunteering at The Masters: Become a volunteer at The Masters Golf

Learn all that you need to about volunteering at the Masters golf tournament and watching the tournament up close.

24 March 2022 Words by Danielle 5 minute read Volunteering at The Masters: Become a volunteer at The Masters Golf

Table of Contents

  1. How To Become A Volunteer At The Masters Golf Tournament
  2. How Many Volunteers Work At The Masters?
  3. Volunteering Roles At The Masters
  4. Requirements For Volunteering At The Masters Tournament
  5. How To Apply To Be A Volunteer At The Masters
  6. Do You Get Paid As A Golf Tournament Volunteer?
  7. How Much Of The Masters Tournament Do Volunteers Get To See?
  8. FAQs

How To Become A Volunteer At The Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters Tournament is the biggest golf competition in the world and therefore needs plenty of volunteers to guarantee its smooth running. With openings available in security, concessions, hospitality, merchandise, and plenty of other positions, 700 golf fans are selected to help in the defining tournament of the year, meet the players, and even play the course.

Not only that, but if you successfully volunteer once, you're more likely to be allowed to volunteer again in future. Considering that the Masters is the second hardest sporting event to obtain tickets for, this is an extremely desirable position for any fan of the sport. So, to guarantee yourself a spot at the 2023 Masters, here's how to become a volunteer!

How Many Volunteers Work At The Masters?

700 volunteers are required for the Masters Tournament each year. However, this does not necessarily mean there are 700 vacant spots available. Once you have successfully worked at the Masters, you are likely to be welcomed back in the years following. There have been volunteers who have held the same position for decades.

If it's your first time applying to volunteer, a position cannot be guaranteed. With a lot of annual returning volunteers, the number of open volunteer positions can be small. There is also normally a long waiting list for the open volunteer positions.

In addition to the volunteer roles, there are several paid positions that also need to be filled. This includes paid positions in hospitality, concessions, security operations, and merchandise. You can view the current openings on the Masters website.

Volunteering Roles At The Masters

There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at the Augusta National during the Masters, from the course set up to locker room assistance. Although each volunteer will be accepted to take on a specific role, every volunteer will be expected to take on a variety of different tasks and more than one position in some instances.

The main volunteering roles available are:

Course set up

This position normally entails assisting with the construction of the tournament infrastructure at the very start of the competition, as well as day-to-day event setup. Course set up volunteers will also have to assist in the breakdown of the infrastructure at the end of the competition.


Also known as spotters and gallery guards, marshalls are positioned near the spectators in order to provide crowd control, customer assistance, and ensure that silence is maintained when the game is in play. Marshalls also help locate tee shots and assist the players whenever necessary. They hold ropes up to separate the crowd from the course.


As a merchandise assistant, volunteers help with the sale of official Masters Tournament products, including t-shirts, hats, visors, outwear, drinkware, and home/office accessories.

Security operations assistant

A security operations assistant helps the hired security team to keep the golf course and all other areas of the tournament safe.

Player registration

Player registration volunteers will help get each player checked in to Augusta National at the start of the tournament week.

Practice facility assistance

The onsite Tournament Practice Range provides players with a 400-yard practice zone that has similar terrain to that found on the official course. Here, players and Augusta National Golf Club members can practice throughout the tournament.

A practice facility assistant will maintain the short game area, putting green, and the golf service building while assisting players when necessary.

Locker room assistance

These volunteers help keep the locker rooms clean and assist with problems players encounter. The locker room facilities at the Augusta National Golf Club also includes a small dining area, which volunteers will also be responsible for keeping clean.


Pro-ams volunteers assist with amateur registration and special events that take place throughout the tournament.

Requirements For Volunteering At The Masters Tournament

Generally, applicants who are willing to perform a variety of different tasks and who come across as hard-working and enthusiastic about golf in their application will be considered for the role. Once hired, volunteers are expected to be punctual, well-kept, and alert. Being the biggest golf competition in the world, volunteers need to deliver unparalleled customer service.

In addition to these requirements, there are also two stipulations of all volunteer applications, which are:

At least 16 years old

All applicants must be at least 16 years of age. For most volunteer positions, applicants must turn 16 before the end of March. However, this cut-off point differs depending on when the competition dates fall.

If you are required to start work before the beginning of the competition, for example, if helping with the construction of the infrastructure, you will have to be 16 years of age on the first day of volunteering.

Willing to work long shifts

For the duration of the competition, volunteers are required to work long shifts in order to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Generally, volunteers can expect shifts lasting between 10 and 12 hours during the week of the competition. In addition, some volunteers may also be expected to work overnight shifts between the hours of 7.00 pm and 9.00 am.

During these lengthy shifts, volunteers will do a lot of walking and spend most of the shift on their feet.

Apply before the deadline

Late submissions will not be considered for a volunteer role. The deadline date changes annually, but it generally falls sometime in December. Applications are normally accepted from October.

How To Apply To Be A Volunteer At The Masters

To apply for a volunteer position at the Augusta National Golf Club Masters, visit the jobs section of the Masters tournament website and choose the position you wish to apply for. If the online applications are closed for the year, sign up to the mailing list in order to get notified of when the Masters administration team is taking applications again.

Applicants can only apply for one position. If an individual submits more than one application, only the first one received will be considered.

Chosen applications will be invited to attend a virtual interview and will be asked to join the volunteer team if it goes well. You'll find out whether or not you've been selected in January.

Successful applicants will, of course, have to be available for the duration of the competition, which normally takes place during the first full week of April. Chosen volunteers will also have to attend orientation classes and other training prior to starting work, normally in the week before the competition.

Do You Get Paid As A Golf Tournament Volunteer?

You do not get paid as a golf tournament volunteer, but you do gain entry into one of the most famous golf tournaments in the world. Considered by both golfers and fans to be the most prestigious, the Masters is the only annual major that is played on the same course every year. Tickets are limited and, therefore, much sought-after.

Other benefits of working as a Masters Tournament volunteer at Augusta National include getting to interact with the players, especially if you take on a marshalling, locker room assistance, or player registration volunteer role. There is also the opportunity to play on the Augusta National course after the tournament, in what is known as 'appreciation day'.

Plus, volunteers get to spectate some of the world's biggest players playing Augusta's big springtime event, which always plays witness to some legendary golfing moments.

How Much Of The Masters Tournament Do Volunteers Get To See?

How much of the competition volunteers see really depends on the volunteer position they take on. There are some volunteers who will see more of the competition than others, given that their job role requires them to be within proximity of the course. This is the case for such volunteers as marshalls.

Individuals in other volunteer positions, such as merchandise and practice facility assistance, may not be able to see as much of the tournament. However, volunteers do get regular breaks, so they will have time to catch some of the tournament if they wish.


When does the Masters tournament take place?

The 2022 Masters is scheduled to take place between Thursday the 7th and Sunday the 10th of April. However, the exact dates of the Masters change annually (it was moved to November in 2020, due to COVID-19). Generally, it falls on the first full week of April, with the tournament finale often taking place on the second Sunday of the month.

Is a uniform provided for Masters Tournament volunteers?

The Augusta National Human Resources department will supply each volunteer with a uniform. Volunteer uniforms typically consist of green shirts and yellow hats. Green clothing is synonymous with Augusta's big springtime event.

How long do volunteering jobs last at the Masters?

Most volunteer jobs last for the duration of the Masters week only; however, there are training sessions that need to be attended prior to the first day of the competition. Some volunteer roles may also officially start the week before the competition.

Do volunteers get to play Augusta?

Volunteers do get the chance to play Augusta National Golf Club after the competition takes place during what is known as 'appreciation day'. During this day, Augusta National is open to non-members of the club who volunteered during the Masters.

Throughout the rest of the year, Augusta National is only open to club members and their guests.

Do volunteers do all the different tasks?

Some volunteer roles focus on just one specific task, but most volunteers perform several different tasks during the duration of the competition. For example, some volunteers may perform hospitality, merchandise, and security operations.