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Mens Crew Neck Cashmere Golf Sweater Sale
$320 $48
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g.HS704 SALE

Mens Crew Neck Cashmere Golf Sweater Sale

$320 $48
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The last word in luxury knitwear, softer, lighter, warmer than other wools, and far finer – cashmere is labour-intensive right from yarn stage to hand knitting and finishing; it takes up to two goat’s annual fibre yield to produce just this one sweater. Our men’s 100% cashmere golf sweater is a crew neck with style to spare, skilfully fully fashioned in Scotland by our craftspeople using top grade select fibres spun into yarn and dyed in the UK. It is sophisticated-looking and with that unmistakable glowing lustre. Of course, our cashmere crew neck is also breathable, benefitting from natural hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-odour abilities. Simply superb.
  • 100% cashmere
  • Supreme luxury garment; a timeless classic
  • Made in Scotland using Cashmere yarn spun and dyed in the UK. Soft touch feel and lightweight that disguises the durability and warmth
  • This garment is made from the finest quality yarns, take care of it and it should last you a lifetime
Timeless cashmere quality. Here’s how to keep yours looking immaculate for years to come.