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The Glenmuir Golf Journal 31 August 2023 The Best Way to Pack Golf Clothes in Your Bag

Embarking on a golfing getaway? Dive into this comprehensive guide to learn the secrets of efficiently packing your golf clothes and essentials, allowing you to travel lighter and smarter on your next trip.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 16 March 2023 Top 3 ways of saving money on your golf membership

This article is here to help you make some savings and get the most out of your golf membership. By following the tips provided, you can feel empowered and in control of your finances knowing that you've taken the necessary steps to save money and be a savvy golfer.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 02 December 2022 How far do you walk on the golf course?

Find out how far you can expect to walk on a golf course with this in-depth article.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 14 November 2022 How to warm up when playing golf in winter

Keep warm this winter with our how-to guide on staying warm on the course.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 04 November 2022 How to get backspin on a golf ball - a complete guide

Level-up your game with this guide on how to put a backspin on your golf ball.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 13 October 2022 How to play golf in windy conditions

Prepare yourself for all types of weather with this handy piece on how to play golf in windy conditions.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 05 October 2022 How to hit out of fairway bunkers

Get yourself out of sandy situations with this guide on how to hit out of fairway bunkers. Making light of any bunker you find yourself in.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 14 September 2022 What golf ball should I use?

Find the right golf ball for you with our guide to which golf ball you should be using.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 10 August 2022 How to align yourself in golf for better shots

Learn how to improve your golf swing with a helpful golf alignment guide.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 22 October 2021 Essential clothing for the golf course this autumn

Weatherproof your wardrobe this autumn with the help of our handy guide.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 27 May 2021 Golf on the silver screen: 5 of the best movies

Add these classics to your watch list and soak up the magic of golf on the big screen.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 29 April 2021 6 of the best golf podcasts in 2021

If you’re glued on golf and need that extra fix, hit download on some of our picks of the best podcasts covering the sport…

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 26 April 2021 5 golf influencers you should follow

Scroll, like and share these golfing social media accounts.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 16 April 2021 5 golf apps to help improve your game

Get closer to shooting your lowest scores with our top 5 golfing apps.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 08 April 2021 Unforgettable golf scenes in films and tv

Sit back, relax and switch on some of the best golfing moments caught on camera.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 29 March 2021 How to prepare for the reopening of golf courses

Swing your clubs again with our tips for getting you ready for your return to golf.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 04 March 2021 5 of the best golf reads for World Book Day

Celebrate the joy of reading while you daydream of the fairway, with our pick of golf books.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 25 February 2021 Celebrities who love to play golf

Discover the famous faces who have a not-so-secret love affair with the fairways…

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 22 February 2021 Golf computer games: our pick of the best

Get stuck into a game of golf from the comfort of your own home.

The Glenmuir Golf Journal 14 January 2021 How to avoid the 5 most common golf injuries

Don’t let injury get in the way of bringing your A-game…